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The little coffee guide for Spain

Coffee is part of the Spanish way of life. For many Spaniards, breakfast consists almost entirely of coffee. In our little coffee customer, we reveal what you have to order to get the coffee of your choice.

In Spain, more Robusta coffee beans are used than in Germany, so the coffee is stronger. The beans are roasted using the torrefacto method. Sugar is added during the roasting process so that the beans caramelize. This ensures a lower acid content and the coffee tastes less bitter.


Coffee varieties - from café solo to carajillo

If you order a café solo in Spain, you will be served an espresso.

A cortado is an espresso with a dash of milk or milk foam. In Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, the cortado is also called tallat (Catalan for "cut").

Café con leche

The Spanish variant of milk coffee is called café con leche (German: coffee with milk). Half of it is made from espresso and half milk.

Cafe bombón

The café bombón is a variant of the cortado. This type of coffee is very popular in Andalusia. Especially in the province of Almeria. It consists of a café solo and sweetened condensed milk (leche condensada).

The condensed milk is poured over the espresso and served in a small glass. This makes the coffee white and black on top. Both layers are mixed together with a spoon.

Café cortado leche y leche

The Canarian variant of the bombón. It consists of espresso, hot normal milk plus sweetened condensed milk.


Another coffee specialty from the Canary Islands is the barraquito, which is drunk on Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera. It consists of espresso, sweet condensed milk (fat content at least 10%), liqueur or rum, foamed milk, lemon peel and cinnamon.

Cold coffee
Café con hielo

Café con hielo (also café con tiempo) is an iced coffee made from warm, sugared espresso that is poured into a glass with ice cubes. Ideal for the hot summer days.

Cafe americano

Normal filter coffee, but rather atypical for Spain. You can get enough of that in Germany ...

Have fun enjoying & testing at home, in Spain or on your next visit to Bellas Artes .

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