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5 questions for ... Timo Schreckling

In the first part of the Dario De Artes magazine interview series, Timo tells us why he can no longer be without tapas and Spanish cuisine.


Your person in 3 sentences:

I am creative and reliable at the same time. I am also talkative and curious. That's why I also love the direct contact and conversation with our guests.

How did you get into gastronomy?

My family has shaped me a lot. Anyone who has already noticed a lot about Spain as a child and adolescent is quickly fascinated by the way of life there, the ease and also the other importance that enjoyment and eating have there.

What do you associate with tapas and Spanish cuisine?

In short: comfort, joie de vivre and serenity. You take time for a good meal in a sociable, relaxed atmosphere, enjoy and share what is on the table with other people. This automatically makes a meal more communicative and special .

What shouldn't be missing from any tapas evening?

The musical sounds of Alejandro Sanz, a cool, fresh sangria and "our" aioli.

Your classic evening at Bellas Artes?

... is like a vacation day in sunny Spain.

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